Glide First Citizen Celebration 2006

all photos provided by Meier Photography of Glide



Guests were greeted by Dianne Muscarello and Christy Scheufele.

Angie Wright, the Master of Ceremonies, kicks off the celebration.






The focus of the night was on First Citizens - past and present.  Of the 37 living First Citizens, 21 attended the event.  The evening started out acknowledging Jane Hansen Dumont (1960), the very first Glide First Citizen, then Joann Newton and Mel Jensen (2000) the last recipients.

Janie Dumont
Jane Dumont - 1960 
Joann Newton 2000
Jack Price 
Mel Jensen 2000
Jack Price 1971
Harold Young
Bob Riley 1983
Harold Young 1976
LaVerne West
LaVerne West 1988
Alan Baumann 1988
Lillian Knight
Lillian Knight 1989
Barbara Riley
Barbara Riley 1991
Bob Bernal
Bob Bernal 1991
Ken DeShazar
Ken DeShazer 1992
Mignon Weeks
Mignon Weeks 1992
Mike Miller 1994
Winnie McLellan
Winnie McLellan 1994
Mike Miller
Dennis Moore 1996
Dennis Moore
Arlene Drury 1999
Sharry Ison
John Livingston 1999
Sharry Ison 1998
Arlene Drury
Bob Schafer 1993
John Livingston
Sharing the spotlight were this year's nominees!
Lisa and Steve Nelson

Lisa Nelson
Steven Nelson

Stu Carlson
Photo not available because
he was not present at the event

Christy Scheufele
Carol Henry
Dick Kreger
Donnabelle Jones


There was lots and lots of

delicious food

provided by the

Culinary Arts School

at Wolf Creek Job Corps



The culmination of the evening was the announcement of the 2006 Glide First Citizens.



Alan Bauman delivered the address
 honoring the 2006 recipients.
Jeanne Moore, Glide First Citizen for 2006, gets first words of congratulations from son Dennis, a former First Citizen.



Frank congratulates his wife as he is named Glide First Citizen for 2006.

Jeanne Moore
Frank Moore

Glide First Citizens

A night highlighted with lots of very talented young people!

Melodye Saxton                       Roberta Hall accompanist
Kelsey Waybrandt
Charity Walker
Jasmine Chandler                         Carmen Chandler                                                                    accompanist

The Damewood Brothers
Walker and Devin

Kari Kahl and Sara Smaha                   Roberta Hall                                                                               accompanist

As part of the revitalization of the Glide First Citizen Award, a new permanent plaque was created to hang in the Glide Community Center.  The slab of cedar was donated by Stu Carlson.

A special thanks to the committee that orchestrated this event.

Joann Newton, Nan Smith, Christy Scheufele, Nancy Tague (chair), Dianne Muscarello